Universal Motorcycle Hand Signals

Motorcycle hand signals are important. Here are some Universal Hand Signals that we use to relay signals to other road users.

Youch!- Shouldn't have had that chili at the rest stop!

Hey Asshole! - it's my light, you fucker, get your ass through the intersection!
Hey There! - glad to see a fellow Brother of the Order of Two Wheels You Wanker! - learn how to drive, why don't you?!
Fuck You! - and stay the hell off your cell phone! Spank your kids! - or leave them at home if they can't behave in the back seat!
Back off! - I've got two spark plugs -- you only have one windshield Hey, Baby! - Wanna play some grab-ass?
See This? - It's at least twice as big as yours. Get back in your own lane - or I'll kick the shit out of your door!
Slow Down - Cops Ahead! You wanna go? - I'll take on the whole cage load of you mother fuckers

That's it - Watch for flying spark plugs! Get off the road! - Where did you get your license, a box of fucking cracker jacks?

Hilarious Parody © Aug 2004, Wes Garland
Artwork Copyright © 2003 Hickory Grove Baptist Church North Campus